Can Happiness Be Rated?

The May 7, 2007 issue of Newsweek conveyed an article by Rana Foroohar on “The Joy of Economics”. The author cites from an inside and out overview report on Happiness, the result of research by researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Ten nations each from Denmark to Mexico, Tanzania to Russia and Egypt to India were evaluated separately as “The Happiest Nations”, “The Least-Happy Nations” and “Nations with the Biggest Disparity among Happy and Unhappy Citizens”.

The Happiest Nation, as per the Survey, was Denmark with 8.2 rating in the 0-to10 Scale. Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, Finland, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg and Mexico didn’t do severely. They appraised somewhere in the range of 8.1 and 7.6.

The Least Happy Nations were Tanzania (3.2), Zimbabwe, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Bulgaria, Pakistan and Russia (4.4). Shockingly, Pakistan, with political unrest and insecurity as far back as its origination, didn’t rate severely. At 4.3, they were simply 0.1 less cheerful than the Russians.

Presently, the last classification: “The Countries With the Biggest Disparity Between Happy and Unhappy Citizens”…… Egypt beat the rundown, and India alongside Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey were at the base of the rundown.

In the above said extraordinary report arranged by Rana Foroohar for the magazine, there are some fascinating focuses which merit some consideration:

Riches alone isn’t really what satisfies us. After a specific pay top, we just don’t get any happier.Rather than advising individuals to work more enthusiastically, lawmakers can talk about work-life balance.

The most joyful nations refered to in the report, for example the Scandinavian Countries, additionally rank high on their suicide rate. Shockingly, nations rating low on the Happiness Scale, report less suicide cases. All in all, the inquiry is: Can Happiness be Measured and Scaled? Would it be able to be appraised?

What is Happiness?

Would we be able to characterize the word and institutionalize such definition for all humankind?

Ruler Siddhartha leaves his royal residence to discover bliss in the isolation of backwoods. His quest for joy at long last leads him to reflection, to the thoughtful lifestyle. Not so with Prophet Muhammad, he discovered satisfaction in serving the general public as a Statesman and a Man of God. Jesus discovers satisfaction in the division of Caesar’s common realm from The Heavenly Kingdom of God. Krishna is attempting to make such a realm in this world. What is Happiness?

A priest is glad to live on philanthropy. A church works for his living; he may even claim business, to be sure organizations. The Newsweek report timidly concedes that “Riches alone isn’t really what fulfills us” – the realities on the ground demonstrate that “Riches has No Connection Whatsoever with Happiness”. The Buddhist, the Hindus, and the Christian priests, just as the Muslim Sufi Fakirs discover joy in surrendering of riches. They may not number a lot, yet when you think about their effect on the general public – you will be astonished!

Individuals have various guidelines, various ideal models, various conditionings and perspectives. What’s more, they characterize “Satisfaction” as per their various attitudes. Along these lines, it is basically unrealistic to rate bliss.

Evidently, Newsweek realized this.

They welcomed the guests to their site to decide in favor of either joy could be appraised or not. One could likewise tick the container for “I don’t have the foggiest idea”. Larger part concurred that joy Could not be evaluated!

Without a doubt, Happiness Cannot be Rated.

What’s more, that clarifies why “after a specific pay top, we just don’t get any more joyful”. In his May 2, 2007 On-Line Report, BBC News Home Editor Mark Easton introduces exceptionally intriguing actualities:

“England is less cheerful than during the 1950s – regardless of the way that we are multiple times more extravagant. The extent of individuals saying they are ‘glad’ has tumbled from 52% in 1957 to simply 36% today. The account of riches neglecting to convert into additional bliss is the tale of the Western world.

“In pretty much every created nation, bliss levels have remained to a great extent static in the course of recent years – regardless of immense increments in salary.

What the bliss look into proposes is that once normal livelihoods reach about £10,000 per year, additional cash doesn’t make a nation any more joyful.

As we would see it survey we asked whether the administration’s prime target ought to be the ‘best joy’s or the ‘best riches’.

A surprising 81% needed bliss as the objective. Just 13% needed most noteworthy riches.

Ought to schoolchildren be instructed how to be happy?……(asked) regardless of whether they figured schools should put more accentuation on showing understudies how to accomplish a cheerful individual life and less on teaching them for the universe of work. A larger part – 52% concurred that more accentuation ought to be put on joy – 43% oppose this idea.”

Less amicable?

The survey asked whether individuals felt their neighborhood was pretty much well disposed now than it was 10 years back. 43% said less cordial, contrasted with 22% of individuals who said it was friendlier.

So what satisfies us? Practically 50% of individuals – 48% – state that connections are the greatest factor in fulfilling them. Second is wellbeing on 24%. At the point when we requested that individuals pick the two most significant wellsprings of joy in their lives, out of 1001 individuals just 77 individuals said work satisfaction

As indicated by the study of joy, companions are urgent to our prosperity. However as per our assessment of public sentiment, the vast majority of us address just few dear companions each week. Six out of 10 individuals addressed five companions or less every week. Two out of 10 addressed just a couple of companions. What’s more, one individual in 25 conversed with no companions by any stretch of the imagination.


We additionally requested that individuals state, in their own words, what satisfaction intended to them. As indicated by investigation by Ilona Boniwell, a clinician at Oxford Brooke’s University, a great many people’s definition included loved ones.

In any case, the outcomes hurled an amazement. The second biggest gathering of reactions based on happiness and internal harmony.

It appears that numerous individuals’ joy is tied in with getting away from the pressure and pace of present day life.

In this way, a large portion of the individuals related Happiness with Relation, Contentment and Inner Peace. We can securely presume that Happiness isn’t material prosperity. It is the Emotional and Mental Well Being. Additionally, when we discuss “Internal Peace” and not simply “Harmony” – we are as of now on the outskirts of Spirituality.

I recollect a gathering at the workplace of one of nation’s high authorities, went to by a bunch of “the divinely selected individuals”. Individuals considered as the cream of society. Out of the blue, yours genuinely was remembered for the rundown. We were welcome to do some conceptualizing and discover answers for different issues looked by the country. I am discussing Indonesia.

The greater part of the dignitaries present by one way or another associated every one of the issues with material prosperity. One of them went so far to state that, “Once the stomachs are filled, every one of our issues are unraveled. We can get our kin to do anything for the state.”

What a view, what a conclusion!

Furthermore, nobody protested it, except for me. At that point, after I introduced my considerations and offered a few arrangements – a stately old woman, educator by calling, approached to second me. Only two of us could truly observe that “Joy was not Material”. That was two or three years back – in 2005.

Strikingly, the vast majority of the dignitaries present had a record of going to one of country’s driving inspirations who talks on “non material prosperity” of person. Truth be told, many of them were a piece of the sparks association and preparing program. What a catastrophe!

The inspiration himself, albeit talking on non-material, rather profound prosperity, obviously can’t recognize genuine delight and joy identified with the soul. He can’t separate them from the tangible delight and real solace. Mind you, he isn’t the only one. With him stand a portion of our best cerebrums. What a catastrophe!

Matter or cash explicitly, is contrasted with a couple of shoes by my Guru: “You can’t wear them on the off chance that they are free or exceptionally tight. They ought to be fitting, the perfect size”. Simply enough is correct. The most recent review report refered to by BBC News Editor supports this view.

Returning to the most significant variables related with Happiness – Relation, Contentment and Inner Peace – every one of the Trio separately speaks to one layer of our Consciousness.

Connection is connected with the Emotional Layer. Satisfaction is the aftereffect of rational thinking. It is the blooming of our Faculty of Discrimination, and that is a piece of the Layer of Intelligence. Here, I separate Intelligence from Intellectuality. A man of letters, a researcher with a mile considerable rundown of degrees after his name, is maybe scholarly. Be that as it may, he might not have a suspicion of what insight is. Insight involves soul. It goes past learned information. It is the intrinsic Knowingness. It is the natural, intrinsic information on a newborn child, by which it finds the areola of its mom.

Information alone can’t make you content. The Knowingness information isn’t all and that it can’t make you content – that makes one substance. This Knowingness is verily Intelligence.

Information and Intellect will in general work with realities. They need proofs. Knowingness or Intelligence works with truth – The Truth. It needn’t bother with any evidence. It is a proof unto itself. It is the Instincts in Animals, and the Intuition in Humans.

Third significant factor in verifying Happiness is Inner Peace. Furthermore, this is an “all spirit issue”. This is the fringe of our Spiritual Layer. One more advance, and you enter the domain of Pure Spirituality, where Happiness transforms into Bliss. In the language of our old soothsayers – it is The Aananda. This Aananda is really what we all are taking a stab at, intentionally or accidentally, wittingly or accidentally.

For sure in our connection with the world and in our feeling of satisfaction and internal harmony – it is really the Pure Bliss or Aananda that we are look.

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